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Haute Hues: Your Summer Style Guide

Welcome, fashion mavens, to the realm where color reigns supreme! Step into the enchanting world of English Factory's Haute Hues Collection, where every garment tells a tale of summer's exuberance. As the sun paints the sky in its golden hues, let your wardrobe mirror the kaleidoscope of vibrant shades that define this glorious season. With the Haute Hues Collection by English Factory, summer style has never looked so radiant. Embrace the vibrant energy of the season and make a statement wherever you go. Dive into a world of color, confidence, and effortless style, and let your wardrobe be a reflection of the joy and vitality that summer brings. Discover our latest collection now and make this summer your most stylish one yet!

Welcome to the Haute Hues Haven

Let Your Colors Shine

Blossom with Boldness

In a sea of pastels and neutrals, be the bold bloom that commands attention. Embrace the power of color-blocking with our statement pieces from the Haute Hues Collection. Whether it's a striking sunlit orange tee jumpsuit or a fiery red maxi skirt, these daring ensembles will have you radiating confidence with every step.

Don't be afraid to mix and match contrasting shades to create a look that's uniquely you. Pair a lime green top with vibrant white shorts for a playful twist on traditional summer attire. Remember, fashion is about self-expression, so let your true colors shine bright.

Mixed Media T-Shirt

Sleeveless Tiered Top

Bubble Hem Top

Linen Maxi Skirt

Linen Crop Top

Linen Mini Dress with Ric Rac Trim - English Factory

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Playful Patterns

Stripes in Style

Stripes are a quintessential summer staple, and the Haute Hues Collection offers a fresh take on this classic pattern. Whether you prefer bold, wide stripes or delicate, narrow lines, our collection has something to suit every taste. Stripes can add a playful, yet polished touch to any outfit, making them perfect for a variety of summer occasions.

Embrace the nautical charm with a blue and white striped dress that’s perfect for a seaside escape. Or, opt for a red striped matching set that brings a fun, vibrant twist to your everyday look. The versatility of stripes makes them a must-have in your summer wardrobe.

Striped Halter Dress - English Factory

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Striped Halter Dress

$95 USD

Striped Top

Striped Knit Shorts

Striped Knit Lace Up Dress - English Factory

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Tape Stripe Shorts

Tape Stripe Poplin Shirt

Island Oasis

Tropical Temptations

Transport yourself to a paradise of palm trees and ocean breezes with the Haute Hues Collection's tropical-inspired pieces. Channel island vibes with bold prints, vibrant floral patterns, and playful sets that capture the essence of summer escapades.

From beachside brunches to sunset soirées, these exotic ensembles are guaranteed to make a splash wherever you go. Slip into a tropical print maxi dress and let your imagination wander to faraway destinations as you soak up the sun in style. With English Factory, the tropics are never too far away.

Tie Back Maxi Dress

$175 USD
Discover the Haute Hues Collection by English Factory

Haute Hues

Step into the season of sunshine with our vibrant Haute Hues Collection. Designed for the modern woman who embraces color, confidence, and effortless style, this collection brings together a palette of vivid, cheerful tones and breezy, lightweight fabrics.